Friday, 14 August 2009

Portfolio - Part 3

With the games over and done with, on to personal projects and some traditional art (with some nudity).

First up is a female robot, modeled and rendered in 3dsmax (as is most of what I've worked on). The original design came from Francis Tsai. Sadly I have lost the original concept due to moving around and leaving computers and harddrives behind.

This male robot is my own design and as the female, modeled and rendered in 3dsmax with mental ray. Good old fashioned sub d modeling all the way with a few splines for the tubes.

The Ferrari is about 30 000 triangles, rendered with mental ray. The background is a panorama taken from the Tokyo Tower when I was visiting Japan a couple of years back.

A small lava scene where pretty much all the materials are procedurals. The only texture I used was a simple mask for the water, the rest is all vertex colours, noise and gradients.

This was just a quick graffitti piece I did for fun. Could be used as a decal in a city scene for example

This very wide image is four sides of a cubemap I created for a project me and a couple of friends were working on. It was supposed to be a 3rd person space shooter where you could fly in any direction, blowing things up.

Now for some more traditional art. These are mostly of recent lifedrawings and one set of older images from whne I was attending the Intensive Drawing Workshop at Vancouver Film School. Sadly the image with my lifedrawings form VFS isn't of the highest quality as all I had access to at the time was a mobile phone camera. The lifedrawings themselves are made with graphite, HB pencils and charcoal, ranging from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

And that concludes the portfolio part for now. I have worked on two more projects, Battlefront - Elite Squadron and Rogue Warrior but I can't publish any images of what I have done on these projects just yet. So there will be a Portfolio - Part 4 later on.

Next I will start posting the progress on a small scene I plan to do in Unreal, taking it from idea to final product via concept, reference gathering, modeling and all the other bits that go into the making of a small environment. Hopefully it will be useful for any aspiring environment artists out there.

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  1. I hadn't seen the sketches before - nice! Love the she-robo, but I still say: that back detailing just cries out for some illumination / glowy bits!