Friday, 7 August 2009

Portfolio - Part 1

Shellshock 2 - Rebellion, Eidos

On this game I worked mainly on the third mission, doing modeling, texturing, botanical placement and tweaking, lighting and a various other random things. I was also involved in helping out on various other levels but since M03 was my main focus, that is what is shown here. It is a mix of PC and 360 screenshots, each image being marked which.

Overlord - Triumph Studios, Codemasters

When I worked at Streamline Studios I worked on Overlord, creating a bunch of art for it. Sadly I don't have any nice renders of that stuff so I have had to resort to in-game screenshots. Below is just a fraction of what I worked on at that project. Responsibilities included modeling, texturing, sculpting, assembling the tower hub, testing tools and helping to develop the pipeline etc.

Next part will be some older projects I worked on: Battlefield 2142 and Saints Row.

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