Sunday, 14 March 2010

Small Update

Right, long time no post. A couple of things of note:

  • As mentioned earlier, I got a job at Codemasters and the game I'm working on has finally been announced; Bodycount.
  • We've got a new Speed Modeling Competition running over at Game Artist. It's a bit late to mention this now but there will be a Speed Texturing Competition starting next Friday and then we'll keep alternating between the two so do check in if you fancy a challenge :)
  •  I did get the nice apartment I viewed but it hadn't been cleaned for over 6 months when I moved in so I found some slugs in the kitchen as well as spiders and other creatures. Starting to get things under control now though, 4 months later...
  • Leamington has turned out to be a fantastic place. Lovely little city with a decent ammount of restaurants, activities, bars and pubs. And lots of nice co-workers so things are looking good. Being somewhat near London is bad though, I seem to have a tendency to head down at least once or twice a month. Stupid Swedish shop with tasty things I crave...
  • Ultrablast is still being worked on and we're almost done so soon, oh so soon it will be released! It's looking pretty dang good if  I may say so myself.
And that's it for now. Until next time...


  1. Tell Ossie that Ultrablast looks amazing:)

    Congrats on your new job and all that jazz :D

  2. this is such a small world :) you're now exactly where i couldve been, but i declined the offer. Grats and i hope you're enjoying Codies, who knows we'll see each other in the future.