Sunday, 13 September 2009

"The Unspoken Truth About Managing Geeks" - Excellent article

A poster over at The ChaosEngine (a forum for people working in the gamesindustry, more about that below) posted a link to this article about managing geekss in IT companies and it is a very good read. It definitely applies to the gamesindustry as well and I've seen this happen in companies were I've worked. Makes me wish managment teams all over would read this and take at least some of it, if not all, to heart. Pretty much everyone I've talked to that have read it agrees that it's pretty much spot on! So, without further ado, here's the article:

The ChaosEngine

The ChaosEngine is a very good forum for people who work in the games industry. It has a private section where you have to prove that you are a developer before you can join it. The way to do this is to send a mail using your work email and if possible, to get another developer already registered on the forum to vouch for you. If you work in the games industry, you could do a lot worse than to join, it's an excellent place to talk about the industry without worrying about rabid fanboys butting in and just have a good time with fellow developers. A lot of information is avaliable there, from art to programming to managment and business advice as well as information about various companies. It also works as a watercooler where you post stupid/fun/cool/useful links and articles, such as the one above!

As an example of what this community has accomplished, the Tim Langdell and Mobigames dispute over the name "Edge" (and if you haven't heard of this, where have you been?). The blog ChaosEdge will hopefully be familiar to you since they've been posting a lot of interseting information regarding the case. It is maintained by a few people from The ChaosEngine and a lot of the stuff that has been dug up on Tim Langdell has been done by the excellent internet sleuths over at the forum. In short, it's a pretty awesome place.

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  1. The IGDA forums also has a compilation of the saga of this douchebag - for a good run down visit